Online Casino Bonus


Online casinos have brought a sea change in the concept of gambling all over the world. People are no more interested in going to the brick and mortar casinos to enjoy a game of gambling. They prefer playing these games online as that does not involve any transportation hassles. Another thing that has made these casinos lucrative is the concept of online casino bonus. There are various kinds of casino bonuses available for the players, and gambling has become real fun with the help of these bonuses. Many people register to the online casinos just for the attractive bonuses that they offer.

You will be amazed to know about the varieties of casino bonuses that are offered online to the different players. Some of them are as follows


Referral casino bonus

Doesn’t the concept seem interesting? Suppose you are a member of an online casino and participate in their games on a regular basis. You tell about the online casino to your friends, and they too register with the online casino with your reference. The online casino might give you a bonus for your efforts. This is a token of appreciation from their end.

Promotion casino bonus

Online casinos do lots of things to promote themselves on the internet. With time, the numbers of online casinos are increasing by leaps and bounds and thus the competition is also becoming stiffer and tougher. Thus many online casinos offer promotional casino bonus to attract players so that they become loyal registered members of the casino.

Match bonus

This is also a great initiative by many online casinos to increase their popularity. The concept of match bonus is very interesting. Suppose a player deposits $100 in his casino account. The same amount of money is deposited in his account as a bonus. So by depositing $100 in an account, a player gets to play for $200. Therefore, getting the double amount of money is really interesting and alluring.

Loyalty bonus

This is quite a common bonus that was given in brick and mortar casinos but has now become popular in online casinos too. As the name indicates, this bonus is paid to the loyal members of the casino, who have been participating in the gambling games for many years and are sure to continue in the future too.

No deposit casino bonus

No deposit casinos are the ones where you do not need to deposit any money to play a game. In fact, many such casinos offer no deposit casino bonus to the players. It means that the casino deposits some money in the account of the player so that he can play some games for free and gather experience.


Online casino bonus codes are given to the players, which they can use to claim the bonuses. These codes act as a security gateway to get access to the bonuses that are offered by an online casino. It is good to read some online casino bonus reviews before signing up with a particular online casino such as Zodiac Casino.


Playing Pro Blackjack Like a Pro


Playing blackjack in any local casino five or in the ritziest in Las Vegas can be very thrilling and pulse pounding. One has never lived a gambling life until one has tried playing blackjack. For newbies, playing blackjack for a night may not net them large gains they find their chip stash whittle away very quickly. This is understandable since they are just starting out. For veteran gamblers, the situation is quite different. They lose their chip stash more slowly than the newbies and at the same time, they are able to build up on cash winnings. When one looks at the situation for the first time, it is understandable but looking at the same table a few months after the newbies have joined and the result is the same, one asks what went wrong. What did the newbie players not understand about the game and all it entails? The answer is quite simple. They have not grasped the concept of blackjack strategy.

The secret to playing well in blackjack is not that much and many people are amazed by what the strategy can offer them. If one plays the game well, one could walk away with lots of money and not use up much time in the process. If executed properly, one can shift the house odds into their favor. When one understands the different playing styles in blackjack, one can effectively use different combinations when other playing options are blocked by the house. One thing that the house rides upon is the skill level of the players. The less one knows on how to play blackjack, the more the casino stands to gain.

Counting cards is an option to playing smarter. Although the casinos and some people frown on such a practice, counting cards can help players root out all losing possibilities and come up with winning ones. One way to do this is to simply memorize and not count the cards that have already been dealt. It is a process of elimination. If all three aces have been previously dealt, it stands to fall that the remaining ace is still in the deck. One should not be vocal about being able to count cards for some casinos think it to be illegal.

One very effective blackjack strategy is to know when to call it quits or surrendering. It may not be the most glorified way to end a hand in gambling but if done with the right timing, it can be cut down on one’s losses. When one quits or folds, it means that the player is cutting their losses and this means the player is smart enough to walk away from the game. Not many players know how to fold and when it is done properly, it looks as if the player has enough sense to stop.